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Many, many of our devoted priests are doing YEOMAN work for the people of God. On this episode of Catholic Vitamins, we have invited a return visit from a favorite yeoman ‘servant.’ His name is FATHER SIMON LOBO of the Companions of the Cross order. The Companions were formed in Canada by the late Father Bob Bedard — and he was, in part, responsible for the vocation and formation of our guest Father Lobo.

During our time together, we retrace part of the steps of Father Lobo — leading to the parish in Canada where he is now pastor. But during his three years of serving at this parish before taking on the pastoral role, Father Lobo was blessed to see, experience and grow in what’s called DIVINE RENOVATION… a form of ‘program’ to bring about dynamic change in the parish, and in its members.

Father Lobo was asked to write of his three year’s preliminary experience – and the result became a new book entitled DIVINE RENOVATION APPRENTICE — Learning to Lead a Disciple-Making Parish. This wonderful intro book is published by the good folks at Word Among Us Press — and we are blessed to have three copies to give away to our listeners. Listen to our show for details, and send your info by email to

YEOMAN: A ‘servant’ in a royal or noble household. e.g. Our priests (and deacons and religious) serving in our parishes.

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