Catholic Vitamin Y Yesses

kristine-franklinOur Lord might wish that we would give him one total YES to His bidding. Alas, we humans react timidly, slowly, cautiously — giving The Lord multiple YESSES in our faith-lives. It’s okay — and here on this Catholic Vitamins – we introduce a wonderful guest: KRISTINE FRANKLIN. Born into a faith-filled, Bible loving Christian family; she followed the call she thought she heard not knowing (or ever thinking) it would bring her from being a Fundamentalist Christian her later year YESSES would lead her to the fullness of Truth found only in the Catholic Church.

Kristine Franklin is a radio talk show host (on the Immaculate Heart Radio Network each Mon-Fri), an author, a speaker, a birth doula… a Catholic ‘gramma’ and a prayer warrior. We hope you will subscribe to Kristina’s podcasts or to her other outreach areas of ministry. She’s a joy and we are so happy to bring her to you. You can reach her at   and/or

And speaking of joy – on this show we share a bit of music by a prior guest on Catholic Vitamins: SARAH KROGER found at   Wonderful singing voice — with lots of appearances scheduled throughout the U. S. Catholic Vitamins recommends: check her out and buy her music.

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