Catholic Vitamin Y Yield

DioceseSheaOrdination-p84This picture shows newly ordained priest, Fr. John Paul Shea giving his first blessing to the Bishop who had just ordained him, His Excellency Gerald Kicanas of the Tucson Diocese. Fr. John Paul is our guest for this show – a story of YIELDing to the call of the Lord. A story which starts with John Paul born into a Mormon family, then rebelling against any/all faith, and then finding the faith through the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Rosary. Turn your volume up – Father is a bit soft spoken but it’s a joy to share this interview with you, along with the great contributions from our correspondents: journalist Marianna Bartholomew, evangelist/speaker Justin Stroh, and soon-to-be a Deacon, Fergal O’Neil all the way from Naas, Ireland.

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