Catholic Vitamin Y: Yoke

One of the most beautiful Catholic Churches that we’ve seen in the southeast is QUEEN OF PEACE parish in Ocala, Florida. The pastor is Fr. Patrick J. O’Doherty — a wonderful Irish ‘curmudgeon.’ But as you can tell, he’s one that we love, remember and pray for.

I recalled a homily that Fr. Pat gave about a dozen years ago on the topic of the YOKE – and when I reached out to Father, he agreed to come on the show to talk about this often misunderstood word and topic.

Queen of Peace parish has a website found at   I have visited the website and there are some slide-show tours and other information about the magnificent parish and the staff.

Now if you would like to direct an email to the parish (for example to get information of Fr. O’Doherty’s recorded homilies and teachings), please contact Fr.’s secretary, Gail. The email address is

You’ll also learn about this ‘yoke vitamin’ from our present-day Irish correspondent, Fergal O’Neill. During the week past, we found out that Fergal’s ordination to become a deacon is scheduled for the weekend of Pentecost in 2013 in Ireland. We’re praying for you Fergal 🙂

We have a very inspiring Missionary Moment from Marianna Bartholomew who told us about two girls – the poorest of the poor living in El Cenito who wound up going to World Youth Day. A trip brought about by caring Americans supporting the missions.

Finally – we caught a weekend window of time with the always busy Justin Stroh, a growing talent in Catholic music, retreats, conferences and in his new media evangelization. We talked about Justin’s new album O SACRED HEART, which you can find on iTunes or by direct contact with Justin. You can reach him at



I was listening to a reflection by Dr. Marcellino Ambrosio – I think he calls himself Dr. Italy. His reflection was called THE YOKE OF FAITH. Dr. Ambrosio had lots of things to share. One of the items that caught by attention is that while we think about yoke more in terms of beasts of burden and two oxen whipped to make them pull a heavy load — Dr. Ambrosio said that Christ Himself is yoked to us.

The Master knows that the path He wants to take us on will lead us to pasture and refreshment and happiness. Jesus knows where we will be the happiest.  Jesus gives us His Holy Spirit to help us bear the burdens of the journey we take WITH CHRIST.

If your load feels unbearable – if you don’t think you can continue on, or live up to the call to be a follower — think of this: we who are agreeable are yoked with Christ. He’s got the strength, the power, the Spirit and the knowledge. Cast our concerns and our weariness on Him. Don’t try to go faster than He is going. Don’t drag your feet and resist.

We are Yoked with Christ. He loves us. He wants us to be with Him at the finish line.

Blessings everyone.

Deacon Tom

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