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She lied in her first confession, and soon proclaimed herself an atheist (or at least an agnostic). But oh, what a turn-around. And she is so YOUTHFUL. She’s our Catholic Vitamin on this show. Her name is MEG HUNTER-KILMER, and her faith-testimony and life work is so powerful.

I discovered Meg when I came upon a column she wrote about Blessed Bartolo Longo – himself a former Satanist-priest who had a powerful conversion in his life. When I read Meg’s article, I knew she had experienced the flame of a powerful turn-around in her life. I invited Meg to come on Catholic Vitamins and her response was swift — no hesitation.

We love bringing you powerful Catholic testimony – whether it comes from an older, venerable cleric or religious. Or in this case, the youthful voice of persuasive evangelization. You can find Meg lots of places… Facebook, etc. But her home page is  ….

Our (new) regular correspondent Sandy Greggs couldn’t be with us this week. We hope she’ll be back next episode.


Deacon Tom and Dee

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