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UnknownCome (re)meet KAREE SANTOS — a wonderful Catholic wife, mother (of 6), author, speaker and blogger. You may be familiar with her work with husband Dr. Manny entitled CAN WE CANA. But her visit this time on Catholic Vitamin Z for ZEALOT is about the new book the two have co-authored. It’s titled THE FOUR KEYS TO EVERLASTING LOVE: How Your Catholic Marriage Can Bring You Joy for a Lifetime.

Can Deacon Tom speak honestly? When I first opened the envelope to see the book title – I was a bit conflicted. I enjoyed a prior CV visit with Karee — but thought to myself, “Oh – another ‘happy ever after’ sort of book. But two chapters into this and I was really enjoying and benefiting from Karee and Manny’s new work. It’s available from Ave Maria Press ( and it will be available in days on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel, etc. Tom and Dee are married many (MANY) years — we can still learn. Thanks Karee for coming on the show. You can reach out to Karee by visiting any of the places where she is active on the web. Among them is: 

We also enjoyed a Missionary Moment from journalist MARIANNA BARTHOLOMEW and we played a bit of music by Franciscan professor/speaker/musician/singer Bob Rice.

Catholic Vitamins: Nourish your faith from A to Z !!

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