Catholic Vitamin Z Zealotry

Zealot: a person who is uncompromising or fanatical in his views. And so, some think this word has negative connotation. Let us introduce you to PATRICK SULLIVAN who displays positive, inviting, smiling¬†ZEALOTRY! He’s our guest on this episode of Catholic Vitamins.

Patrick is a revert to the faith… he experienced a ‘near-death’ episode that helped propel an immediate change in his life. He’s now an author, speaker, educator and founder of EVANGO – a lay community formed to inspire joyous faith and family living.

Using well-designed, skillfully developed modern media, EVANGO provides inspiring video series for the ‘seasons of the Church’ – and courses to help assist families and those seeking better understanding of our awesome Catholic Faith.

If you’d like to consider a speaker event, a parish retreat or a weekend of family renewal, please consider reaching out to Patrick at the website below.

Patrick is married (Kyla) and they have eight living children and one in heaven. You can find out much more about this man and his mission. Go too

Special thanks to our correspondents at large: Author and speaker Tony Agnesi:  AND speaker and inspiring faith revert Kendra Von Esh:




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