Catholic Vitamin Z Zealousness 2

Little did we know when we began planning to republish an interview with a wonderful, zealous Catholic writer, Thomas J. (Tom) Craughwell that this young (age 61) talent died unexpectedly just weeks ago. What a wonderful, inquisitive and talented mind has been lost for readers seeking such fresh writing. Back in 2011, we first published Catholic Vitamin Z for Zealousness because of our ‘discovery’ of the excitement manifest in this writer, and the various books and approaches that Tom exhibited in sharing saints and sinners and previously hidden stories.

Examples of his titles? SAINTS BEHAVING BADLY, SAINTS PRESERVED, ST. PETER’S BONES, and so many more. In fact, Tom wrote over 40 books, not only in fascinating writing about all-things Catholic, Tom also wrote about various aspects of American history and lore and popular culture (e.g. STEALING LINCOLN’S BODY).

May God grant Thomas Craughwell eternal rest and great joy in the excitement of meeting the LORD face to face.

And BTW: you’ll hear on this episode that we’re ending our 14th round of the alphabet — and at the near end of August, we’ll start the 15th round with Catholic Vitamin A. The next vitamin? It starts with A, ends in E and there are 6 letters. Take a guess and send your answer to

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