Catholic Vitamin Z Zigging Part 1

Andrea BoringHow many of us have had a ‘straight-line’ faith walk in their lives? Don’t most of us ‘ZIG‘ — meaning a sharp change in direction in our faith practice? Meet our special guest ANDREA BORING. Raised Catholic, she began a self-destructive path which included an attempt at ‘recovery’ by becoming a Mormon for a year. Somehow, Andrea studied hard enough to graduate from the U. of Dayton Law School — and began to live with a man who soon moved her to a new city and a new life.

It took the untimely and early death of a law school classmate from cancer to bring about the beginning of Andrea’s return to true Catholic faith practice. She married her ‘live-in’ and they later had their marriage convalidated (that is, blessed and recognized by the Church). Then, they gave up contracepting. Well — there’s more to cover – and that will come about in ZIGGING Part 2. (Coming to a podcast near your earbuds, soon).

You can discover more about this passionate and talented friend of Deacon Tom and Dee — Andrea’s websites include,   and

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