Catholic Vitamin Z Zigging Part 2

Andrea BoringDee and the Deacon are pleased to share Part 2 of our interview with ANDREA BORING. She certainly ‘zigged’ in a faith-walk which ultimately led to her being an on-fire Catholic wife and mom of five. Including two sets of twin boys! (And no, twins don’t run in the family 🙂 )

As we shared with you in the previous episode of Catholic Vitamins — some people are blessed to be born Catholic, to stay Catholic and never be tempted to do anything different or go anywhere else. As blessed as they are — it’s those of us who are ‘reverts’ or converts to the Catholic Faith who really know and love the gift we’ve been given.

At a vulnerable, confused and somewhat ‘addicted’ time in her life, Andrea was approached by Mormon missionaries. Well… we’ll let her tell the story — we pick up this week after she became a member of the Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ. And then she describes her journey back to Catholicism. We hope you are inspired and maybe even take the time to reach out to Andrea. She’s active on a lot of sites but start with

We also thank the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. One of the sisters was a guest some many, many months ago as they released their album LEAN INTO THE WIND. We have their permission to play/promote their music which you can find at  


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