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Audrey AssadBesides dear wife Dee, who is it that puts spirit and ZING in my heart? Why AUDREY ASSAD of course! She was a guest on CV in October of 2013. And we captured her again – this time in the ‘green room’ at St. Thomas Aquinas parish on the far south and west side of Phoenix the other night. For 15 to 20 minutes, Audrey talked with Catholic Vitamins about her music, her new album Death Be Not Proud, and about her pregnancy and the birth of their new son, Will. [21 hours of labor folks — all natural – no meds. YIKES!] Life is a gift, thank you God.

Please go to Audrey’s website:   — order an album or two, and some of her merchandise. We really want to support the ‘messaging’ and devotion found in Audrey’s music ministry.

Special continuing thanks to Sonja Corbitt, our Scriptural Evangelista for her teaching on the tabernacle, the Old and New Testaments – and for leading us to understanding of Christ-present in us, as we too are a tabernacle. Sonja definitely has ZING about God’s inspired Words found in the Bible. You can find Sonja’s CD’s, materials, speaking schedule and such on her site:

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