Catholic Vitamin Z: Zip

Well, we hope that the topics and the music will add a bit of ‘zip’ to your step – and renewal of the joy of your faith walk.

Fergal O’Neill who has been with us for quite some time on Catholic Vitamins takes ‘center stage’ with the main interview. His guest is Sister Cecelia – a longtime worker in the vineyards of Ireland. Through the course of the interview, Fergal helps trace her childhood, her call to religious life, the work she’s done for decades, and most recently, two assignments. Sister is on the formation team for deacons in Ireland. God willing, Fergal will be in (only the) second class of permanent deacons in Ireland  — they’re still brand new there. The other assignment was that Sister wrote the music for (a new) Mass of Thanksgiving. We were given the opening hymn, complete with a wonderful children’s choir. It’s very uplifting and beautiful. Thanks to both Fergal and Sister Cecelia.

We also featured a rather ‘zippy’ Missionary Moment from Marianna Bartholomew — some interesting stories from the missionary fields that Marianna has worked in as an investigative reporter, writer and then as editor.

Finally – thanks to Justin Stroh, Catholic songwriter, musician and speaker for his continuing work on his New Evangelization podcast segment.


Margo B. Smith’s new CD ALLELUIA THROUGH IT ALL. We played two cuts from this up-tempo, re-affirming selection of music completely written by Margo. And of course, she is the featured singer on the album. We have a number of these CD’s given to Catholic Vitamins and we’d like to share them with our listeners. Send an email to or call our feedback # 206-350-3789. You  can find Margo’s work at

We also talked a couple times during this show about our CD give-away of the great conversion story by the Franciscan University Theology Professor, Dr. John Bergsma. His CD is called MASS CONVERSION: How I Discovered the Eucharist and the Catholic Church. We have some of these to share (for free) as well. Send an email or call us to have your name put into a basket. (Tom personally listened to this on the very day I’m typing these words/posting this blog.) This is a great conversion story, told with integrity and a bit of humor and self-deprecation. You’ll love it.  If you’d like to find more products done by Dr. John, go to 

We played a bit of Gregorian Chant for Kids — Volume 1. This is from an album produced by David and Teresa Smith (she – a previous guest on Catholic Vitamins.) Go to if you’d like to find out more info about this music.

Finally – for a little while, we’re offering free Sacrifice Beads to listeners to Catholic Vitamins. Interested? Go to our Catholic Vitamin Y YOKE podcast and listen to find out who does them and what the history of them is.



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