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(Re) Meet DEBORAH RENTLER — as she takes us on a journey to come to understand the meaning of KAIROS — a Greek word which, in theology means a right moment of recognizing… responding to living in God’s Holy Time. Deborah is a guidance counselor at a college and in 2009, became an LPN – a nurse. She completed her medical education to enlarge her help for the mission work that Deborah and her husband, Dr. Russ Rentler have done in storm-damaged Haiti. (Last count, I believe the Rentler’s had done something like a dozen trips to provide free medical care to the poorest of the poor.)

Previously, we’ve had Russ on Catholic Vitamins as he narrated his journey from Protestant wandering to an on-fire return to the Catholic Faith. As a part of his evangelization for our wonderful Catholic Faith, Russ has recorded many familiar and beautiful hymns, but he’s also reworded many Christian and Catholic songs. On this show we feature parts of three of Russ’ work – closing with his wonderful song, Road To Emmaus. You can look at our website and find our previous interview with Russ if so inclined.

What a blessing to introduce you now to Deborah, and her journey to the fullness of Truth.

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