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Well, this would be called something like: the deacon is trying to juggle too many balls in the air, coupled with getting ready for international travel — the Emerald Isle, and the roots of both sides of my heritage.

At any rate – we’ve had two shows posted since the last blog page.


UnknownWe had Frank Weathers on the show to discuss his acquired knowledge about MYSTICISM on his way to learning about the Catholic Faith and about how to have a better prayer life. Frank writes a  frequent blog over at Patheos. He told me that he found over 30 articles he’s written that have to do with mysticism. You can check him out by going to  Thank you Frank for an interesting discussion including your journey from trying to learn enough to persuade your wife away from the Catholic faith — to you becoming one yourself. Good stuff, Maynard.

Oh – during our interview Frank mentioned some books – one that stuck out as a possible purchase for the Deke is An Essay In Aid of the Better Understanding of Catholic Mysticism. It’s available from Amazon and other places. There seems to be another volumn with a slightly different, but related topic.

Unknown-1On this same show we featured a mini interview with a dear friend CHANNING DALE from THIS CATHOLIC LIFE PODCAST DOT ORG. On her show, Channing goes in-depth  teaching about Catholic practices, saints, devotions, etc. She has been a house guest of Tom and Dee and we care for Channing a great deal. Listeners will already know Channing has committed to joining the Discalced Carmelite Monastery in Elysburg, PA in July of 2013. We are regularly praying for her vocation, and we invite you to join us.

We were pleased to feature music by Julie Carrick of Carrick Ministries. They offer evangelization and catechesis of the Catholic Faith using music, personal witness, the Bible and teachings about our Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church. You can find more of Julie’s CD’s, downloads and other information at


Kayla PetersenOn this latest show, we invited two young wives to join us for this show on NFP – the all-natural approach to involving the Lord and His natural approach into the sexual relations of a husband and wife. No, Myrna – it’s not the Rhythm Method!! Our guests are Katie Merando Falk from KS, and Kayla Peterson from NC (Pictured to the left – doesn’t she look natural and scrubbed?). They met on-line and found a common interest in helping women (and husbands) to understand the design of the woman’s reproductive cycle. Not only do they practice NFP – Kayla will be a medical doctor next year at this time (God willing) – and Kayla is pregnant (thank You Lord, thank you NFP) and will be a teacher of natural family planning.

Thank you ladies for guesting on Catholic Vitamins. Their website is and it is chock full of good, unbiased and helpful and inspirational information. Check it out. To the left and below is Katie from KC. Thanks for your spontaneous heart and for carving time out from your studies and pre-med work. Bless you both.katie falk



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