Vitamin R: Renewal

2010: Just days ago, the Babe of Bethlehem was celebrated in our hearts. We pray that you were renewed in faith and hope for our journey towards heaven. Many of us have set goals for these days: weight loss, organization, reading. But how about RENEWAL? Anything in your spiritual plans related to renewal?

In our podcast for this Catholic Vitamin — we share a quote from Archbishop Chaput: No bishop, no priest or deacon can do the work that properly belongs to the laypeople…. the laity must come to a change of mindset. They must no longer be viewed as collaborators of the clergy — but truly be seen as co-responsible. His eminence calls us to renewal.

Coincidentally, our guest interviewee for this show is Chris Stefanick who works for Archbishop Chaput as the Director of Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministry in the Archdiocese of Denver. Everyone that works around Chris recognizes that he has had profound renewal and a form of reversion in his faith walk. He is an on-fire speaker, and now an author. His new book DO I HAVE TO GO is for any and all to read. But it is ideally suited to young people who seek better understanding of the Mass, the Eucharist and who have questions about faith and faith practice.

Many years ago I would tell you that I had the start of a strong faith renewal in my life. At best… at best I was practicing about 25% of the Catholic faith. And I was picking and choosing things to do and accept and believe in. I thought I was Catholic but I was wrong. I now recognize how wrong I was — and in my own ministry I hope to share the joy and beauty of the real Catholic Faith. I try to live renewal — I preach and try to teach renewal. I challenge you… I invite you to join with me. Help me to be a better Catholic by sharing with me and with others the renewal that is happening in your life.

One of the many places I’ve previously heard about Chris Stefanick and his work is when I hear of the thousands of young people who flock to the annual Steubenville of the Rockies each summer in Denver. Young people who come to sing, to praise, to confess and to be renewed. It’s a major happening each year and it shows in the vocations and other good news coming out of Colorado.

Chris also travels a lot. He gives parish renewal talks; he leads youth events. He will do a retreat for parishioners or religious education teachers. Let us share some information so that you can look for Chris and perhaps contact him to discuss a need or idea for your parish. Chris comes highly recommended.

Here are Chris’ personal website and his Archdiocese of Denver email contact information:

Chris Stefanick’s book: DO I HAVE TO GO?

Thank you Chris. Blessings upon you, your wife and family. Blessings upon your ministry. We will pray for you. May you reach many and help them find RENEWAL in their lives.

Deacon Tom

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