Vitamin W Women & Willingness

If there was some sort of audio meter that could measure truth and excitement and joy — it ought to be pegging on the positive side as we share this week’s podcast guest: Brigid Sweeney from the Archdiocese of Denver. Brigid is the Marketing Coordinator for the awesome women’s movement called ENDOW (Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women). Brigid is also a passionate Irish Catholic who has joined in a personal relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ — and she has the WILLINGNESS to follow the call to be His disciple.

During her testimony and during our interview, Brigid shares about ENDOW and about her missionary travels to other dioceses and venues where she presents programs for young women. She also does chastity events and speaks to older women, especially although not exclusively on ENDOW.

The links and contact information for much of what we talked about on this show is indicated below. But I hope you will hear in our time with Brigid that there was one moment — one powerful moment that moved her heart from being a ‘practicing Catholic’┬áto being a willing PRACTICING Catholic. It was the day she adopted the Catholic Faith, the Catholic Church, and the full meaning of discipleship in her life.

If you notice a trend or a thread in our podcasts — listen for the moments… the Touch of Christ and His Holy Spirit when a willing follower says YES and enters covenant as Brigid did. It was true with Catholic Vitamin A (Adoration) when Fr. Mark Rutherford looked at the Blessed Sacrament in procession at an adoration event. It happened as Bishop Conley, the Auxiliary from Denver explained to us in Catholic Vitamin C (Conversion)…. and when Catholic singer and songwriter Sarah Bauer joined us for our show on E: Excitement, etc.

Dee & I were out to breakfast earlier today. We were with a couple we’ve come to enjoy time with. The wife described themselves in earlier days as ‘pew potatoes’. That’s how they referred to themselves. They aren’t pew potatoes any more. So when we find a woman like Brigid who is so happy and willing to share faith testimony – we wanted to share her with you.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you for the gift of the Catholic Church. And thank you for Brigid Sweeney and the unsung women of willingness whom Brigid magnifies by her visit with us.


Deacon Tom

Show Notes and Links
Archdiocese of Denver ENDOW link:

Signup for continuing ENDOW information from the ENDOW Director, Terry Polakovik and others at:

Brigid Sweeney link for ENDOW program information or to see about having Brigid visit your parish or other event venue:

ENDOW October Holy Land Pilgrimage Info:

For information on the October 2010 ENDOW Conference in Denver — contact Brigid Sweeney.

Email Address for Dr. Russ Rentler to contact him or his wife Deborah regarding their March medical trip for Haiti relief:

To follow or contact the prolific blogger, author and ‘wonder-woman’┬áHeide Hess Saxton:

To find/order Heide’s book, MY BIG BOOK OF CATHOLIC BIBLE STORIES, go to her publisher’s site:

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