Highlighting New Evangelizers: Catholic Vitamins

By Sarah Reinhard

Catholic Vitamins Hosts - Deacon Tom and Dee

I can’t use the word “blessings” without thinking of a deacon who lives in Arizona.

It all started back in the days when Lisa Hendey was podcasting (remember that?) and one of her contributors shared a “Deacon Moment.”

Deacon Tom Fox always touched my heart with his reflections. At the end of each segment, he would say “Blessings!” in a tone of voice that conveyed such a love and enthusiasm for our Catholic faith that I couldn’t help but smile.

In fact, I’m smiling as I think about it.

Deacon Tom has since graduated to his own podcasting ventures, and his co-host is none other than his lovely wife, Dee.

They’ve lapped the alphabet at least four times by my count, using a letter to stand for a “Catholic Vitamin” that will not only make you smile, but will also give you practical ways to grow in your faith life.

In the two or so years since I’ve been taking my Catholic Vitamins, I haven’t missed an episode. I consider it an essential part of my faith diet.

Try taking a Catholic Vitamin or two. I think you’ll find yourself better for it!

Copyright © 2012, Sarah Reinhard



On Catholic Vitamins, we have little contests – like guessing the upcoming ‘Vitamin’ on the next show. Here’s one reply from a recent winner.

Alison L______ Z _______

  • Yes, I sent Dee a message with my address just a little while ago, thanks for checking and thank you also for selecting my name! I have been really enjoying your podcast. I found it several months ago and started at the beginning, listening to each one until I finally caught up about 2 months ago. Now I have to wait with anticipation to get my Catholic Vitamins as they are posted but they are well worth waiting for! I thought it was about time I sent you a message to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated. Thank you both for producing your show. God bless

About Catholic Vitamin A – Adoration: “Your podcast is rich and deep.” Anne I.

I love the podcast. Mary From MN

Loved It! Melissa B. from CA

I loved today’s episode. I hope anyone who hasn’t yet heard the show will take time to listen. Lisa Hendey from Fresno, CA

About Catholic Vitamin B — Beauty: Lisa Hendey (www.catholicmom.com and www.catholicmoments.com) was kind enough to write in again and said she enjoyed the interview with Dr. Anthony Lilles from the Archdiocese of Denver. She said that Anthony had come to her parish in Fresno and given a talk which Lisa thought was wonderful. Thank you, Lisa. And thanks to Adrianne and Anne and Anna and John H. and Mark and Vicki… blessings upon you all.

Kerry Ann Munroe Madden
Hi Deacon Tom and Dee!
I subscribed a while ago to CV but have only just now begun to “take” them (so many great Catholic Podcasts….so little time!). What a great podcast! I am smiling now just thinking about all the wonderful content I just listened to. Thank you for all the love, time and faith you put into these inspirational episodes.
Lots of love and prayers,
New Media Commentator

Dear Deacon Tom,

I listened to the podcast as soon as I received it.

What a marvelous work you and Dee are doing for the Church. My community had three days of meetings after Christmas, and one thing we discussed was the importance of using technology to spread the Gospel. One sister is assuming the full-time job of helping us and our institutions enter the modern world this way.

Many blessings on your good work and on your family.

Sister Kathleen Glavich, SND
author, teacher, speaker

Your podcast and your guests are really good. You are so brave to go that route that I would fear to try and you and Dee present a podcast that is both formative and very comfortable to listen to. I really do look forward to the new one each week and admit I replay the old ones over several times during my daily commute. Please keep up the good work. Many blessings for your kindness to you and Dee from our God, who loves us.

Mark (From PA)

Thank you for getting back to me. I’m glad you had such a great response and found a logo. I will definitely continue to listen. Both of you are doing a great job.
I love your podcast and both of you : )

Thank you and God bless,

And More 🙂
Hi Deacon Tom and Dee,
My name is Mary L. You might remember be by my telling you a few weeks ago after Mass I found you on itunes.  I just have to tell you I feel so blessed that I have found your podcasts and your web site with all the great links.  You two are a jewel in our community.  I only wish I had known about your podcast when you started.  I have a lot of catching up to do. 
I listened to 3 of your podcast yesterday while working in my office.  Your 10/23 episode on Vitamin D (decisions), you had a guest Karen Williams, her story was amazing.  I couldn’t help but cry and pray for her. Very powerful!  I also heard on the same podcast, you mentioned our conversation about me finding you on itunes.  I was surprised and thrilled. Thank you.
It has been 2 years since I taught 3rd grade Catechism over at (______ our parish).  I stopped in order to homeschool my son, Alex, for 6th and 7th grade. Anyway, recently Judy C asked if I would teach the Confirmation class next year.  I am glad I have some time to prepare.  Teenagers will be a lot different to teach than sweet little 8 year olds.  I listened to your podcast with guest Lisa Mladinich and like her I have found that a lot of our kids of the parish are unchurched.  I look forward to reading her booklet Be an Amazing Catechist to get some ideas for these children. Learning of this booklet through your podcast Catholic Vitamin couldn’t be more timely for me. Thank you.
I have had a subscription to Faith and Family since my son was a tot but never went to their website.  Through your webpage link I have found their website.  Almost daily, for the past few weeks, I have read and participated in some of their blogs.  It is great to communicate with like minded people. This is just what I needed.
Thanks again to the both of you. I very much admire your dedication to our Catholic faith and look forward to listening and learning more from you.
God Bless,
Mary L