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052911 Sixth Sun in Easter Memorial Wkend

This weekend, Deacon Tom preached at all the English Masses. The primary topic of the homily was the Word of God — God’s inspired and holy Word contained in Scripture. But before the homily, we asked all veterans of military …

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St Stephen & The Church

The Church of Christ — persecuted in the earliest days; persecuted where we are. But it is Christ’s Church and it will survive. Blessings. Thanks for listening to this weekday reflection at a daily Mass.…

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Catholic Vitamin B: Blessings

We’re so happy to share a new friend, Julie Filby. Seemingly blessed in her childhood memories of growing up in Coffeyville, Kansas, Julie never veered too far from her early moorings, and she shares about the many blessings in her …

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Catholic Vitamin B Blessings

If her picture appears on your iPod or other portable device, this lovely lady is our featured interview guest. She’s a reporter for the Denver Catholic Register, Julie Filby. In addition to getting some insight into what it’s like to …

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Catholic Vitamin A: Adoration 0511

Meet our guest for this podcast, Monsignor Charles M. Mangan. He was ordained June 29, 1989 on the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul in the Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD by His Excellency Paul V. Dudley, and assigned …

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Catholic Vitamin A Adoration 0511

Our guest for this second discussion about Adoration is the Reverend Monsignor Charles Mangan of the Sioux Falls Diocese. In addition to ‘normal’ studies for the priesthood, Monsignor Charles has obtained a licentiate in Canon Law from the Pontifical Gregorian …

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Catholic Vitamin Z: ZEST

Our interesting (and truly helpful) guest for this show on ZEST is Michael J. Rayes. He is a cradle Catholic, college graduate and he married his childhood sweetheart, Laura. They have seven children and they live in the greater Phoenix …

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Catholic Vitamin Z Zest

He’s a Catholic husband and father (of seven), he’s a teacher and speaker and marriage and family counselor. And, he’s an author of three books. His name is Michael Rayes. Mike joins us to talk about adding (Catholic Vitamin Z) …

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First Friday & Archbishop Timothy Dolan

There are some simple practices that were good enough for the grandfather of young Timothy Dolan. They were also good enough for the father of Timothy Dolan. And now, in these times, they’re good enough for the wonderful Archbishop of …

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Catholic Vitamin Y: Yeast

Our guest: Dr. Tim Ham. Author of two books: CROSSING THE BRIDGE – It Is Your Time, Your Chance, Your Call; and the second and recently published SIMPLICITY — the Path to Peace.

Dr. Tim is a Catholic

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