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Catholic Vitamin Q2 Quest

The ubiquitous Catholic convert, author, speaker, video and personal pilgrimage tour guide STEVE RAY stops to check in with Catholic Vitamins. His purpose was to tell us about his new DVD entitled ABRAHAM: Father of Faith and Works. It’s …

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Catholic Vitamin P Passion

Who is this lovely woman? She is a young, PASSIONate, energetic Catholic musician and speaker: EMILY WILSON. The heart of her passionate ministry is offering encouragement to young people, especially young women in their search for their true …

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Catholic Vitamin O Omission

A ‘practicing’ Catholic working at Planned Parenthood? Perhaps a sin or two of OMISSION here and there. Join us for our special guest interview with RAMONA TREVINO as we discuss her early life, her job working at Planned Parenthood, and …

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Catholic Vitamin X11 Sonja Corbitt

Sonja Corbitt is UNLEASHED! Meet the real Sonja Corbitt – on this, our eleventh eXtra show. Sonja visited Tom and Dee and a group of our Faith Traveler friends in north central Arizona. Wonder what it’s like to spend …

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Catholic Vitamin N Nuance

It  starts with something like this: “Oh no… I can’t be pregnant. I can’t do this. My parents will disown me…” Or “I’m in college – children may be later when I have an education and a career. Not n…

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Catholic Vitamin M Marriage

Wow! And boy did our listeners and friends respond. This is our first-ever Survey and Share podcast. Our topic was seeking YOUR VITAMIN contributions for MARRIAGE. We published a little ‘survey’ of some 7 questions. e.g. How was Marriage …

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Catholic Vitamin L Leadership

On this entrance into the holiest time of the year in our beautiful Catholic Church, we bring you two mini-interviews — examples of LEADERSHIP. Our first interview is with our correspondent from Ireland, Deacon Fergal O’Neil. He’s one …

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Catholic Vitamin K Kingdom

Meet RUTH RISTOW. Born in the wilds of Alaska, she first felt the call to welcome God into her life as she looked at the beauty of His created KINGDOM. She kept looking, searching and then she found …

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Catholic Vitamin J Juggling

The lovely songbird Simonetta appropriately sings The Beauty That You Are while we feature the beautiful DEE FOX as our guest on this Catholic Vitamins Podcast. What in the world does Deacon Tom’s wife Dee have to do with JUGGLING

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Catholic Vitamin I Investing

Popular speaker and author BERT GHEZZI shares with us about INVESTING. Not financial investing. But in The POWER OF DAILY MASS — that’s the title of his newest book. It’s an easy, compelling read with lots of quotes from saints …

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