Friday Homily About Adoration

It was a ‘routine’ daily Mass at our parish. It was a Friday. It was just 15 minutes before Adoration and I gave this mini homily about priests and adoration. Just 5 minutes. I hope it helps you on your faith journey. Blessings. Deacon Tom

ps: No Mass is ever routine; we sometimes forget we’re in the presence of the Trinity, the BVM, all the angels and saints… yes, that’s what I mean by ‘routine.’.

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  1. Pete Dohms says:

    Your June 10, 2011 homily on Adoration reminded me of the first time Benigne & I ever heard of the practice. We were at a Marriage Encounter convention at the University of Southern California in about 1973. At one of the “whole convention” talks (it took place in a huge auditorium) the husband of the couple making the presentation told everybody that they had arranged at a chapel, located “just on the other side of the USC Experimental Rose Garden.” What made the announcement so memorable was when he cautioned that “Jesus DOES NOT WANT any of the roses from the experimental garden.”

    Anyway, we visited the chapel (no, we didn’t cut a rose from the experimental garden; but the Monstrance had a pile of roses in front of it by the time we arrived – all legal I hope); our experience was not as intense as Avery’s, but we began to understand. Twenty plus years later when a new parishioner at our parish here broached the idea of a “24-hour adoration” one day a week, we signed up immediately and have spent an hour with Jesus every week we were near either our chapel or another place where he’s exposed.

    I looked this afternoon at the website for the Immaculate Heart station in Phoenix; it’s a sub-page of the main IH Radio website, so there’s no “station-specific” information available. What I did find on that page, however, is a listing of all the parishes in the Diocese of Phoenix with Eucharistic Adoration. The closest one to Payson with Perpetual Adoration is just off Indian School Road in Scottsdale, about 2 miles directly north of the Lowes store on McDowell where we purchased our rug last spring.

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Thanks for sharing Pete. Wasn’t young Avery’s Adoration experience awesome? We can pray that our witness leads others to discover the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and at Adoration. Blessings. dt

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