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What a joy and blessing on Catholic Vitamins to have a return visit for a new faith vitamin to talk about: Vitamin G for GRACE. Our guest is Denise Bossert, a Missouri wife and mother (and hard to believe, even now a grandmother 🙂

Denise Bossert w logoDenise Bossert entered the Catholic Church in 2005 after an eighteen month journey that she says started with the death of her father, a Presbyterian minister. She inherited her father’s personal library and discovered a book by St. Augustine in the bottom of one box. That book broke through her bias against Catholic saints and changed her life.

Denise BossertDenise has an M.A. in literature. She lives in the Greater St. Louis area where she works as a freelance writer. Her articles have appeared in 43 diocesan newspapers, Canticle Magazine, and Catholic Exchange. Her “Catholic by Grace” column shares pieces of her journey into the Church as well as the joy of on-going conversion. Denise has appeared as a guest on EWTN programs such as The Journey Home, Deep in Scripture and Women of Grace. She also shares the story of her conversion with parishes across the United States.

If you are interested in reaching out to her, Denise would love to hear from you, and there are so many places and ways to contact her. We’ve put addresses below.

Denise is available to visit your parish or chancery or a group in your parish or town. You will also enjoy reading her work on her internet blog:

Denise Bossert at

denisebossert at

There is an article on Judith: page 4 of Canticle Magazine

Also, an article can be found on All Manner of Things: page 7 of Canticle Magazine

If you are interested in an article on Spiritual Mentoring: page 13 of Canticle Magazine

You can find archived articles from the St. Louis Review


We had a lovely mini-interview with Melanie Pritchard – author, speaker and pro-life evangelist. Her book THE DAY I DIED is a great and inspiring read — and you can find Melanie at her website:

Melanie PritchardAs we mentioned on the show, if you’d like the link to go back and listen to when Melanie was a guest on our show, here ‘tis:

You heard a snippet of Renee Bondi – the wonderful singer and popular speaker who sang live at the Phoenix Catholic Women’s Conference. Her song was Be Not Afraid — and we played this same song from her album, available from Renee’s website:

If you’re interested in going back and listening to our Catholic Vitamins podcast that featured Renee as a guest, here’s the link:

We played a segment of music (Pour Out Your Grace) from a prior guest on Catholic Vitamins. You may know the voice of a popular Catholic composer and singer: Matthew Baute. He was our guest on Catholic Vitamin D for Devotion, posted on Jan. 23, 2012. The link to that show is:

You can find Matthew’s website at:

While we didn’t have any voice conversation on the show with Dawn Marie Roeder – we did see her at the Phoenix Catholic Women’s Conference. And she, too was a guest before on Catholic Vitamins. Dawn Marie’s book, It Doesn’t End Here details the loss of Dawn’s young son due to Dawn’s taking of a prescription drug. The link to that show is:



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