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Catholic Vitamin X4: Music and Modesty Blog Notes

We’re doing an ‘extra’ Catholic Vitamins podcast this week. It comes about because of a significant number of comments and feedback Deacon Tom received from his homily over the weekend. This past Sunday, the Gospel featured the parable of the …

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Catholic Vitamin G: Grace Blog Show Notes

What a joy and blessing on Catholic Vitamins to have a return visit for a new faith vitamin to talk about: Vitamin G for GRACE. Our guest is Denise Bossert, a Missouri wife and mother (and hard to …

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Catholic Vitamin E: Enthronement Blog Page

Today’s show is, as you’ve perhaps heard, about the beautiful act of enthroning your home (or business or retreat center…..) to Jesus and to His Blessed Mother.

Enthronement is very, very biblical. The act of dedicating the temple or livestock …

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Catholic Vitamin D: Desire Blog Page

Our guest on this very special Catholic Vitamins is none other than the successful, award-winning advertising executive Tom Peterson. He entered into a profound conversion-type experience and this led him to become the founder of two highly impact-full apostolates —

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Catholic Vitamin C: Cobble Show Notes

All of life… every breath… every sunrise and new day is blessing. The hummers at our backyard feeder, the snow-capped rim north of us and 1,500 feet higher than our elevation. The Divine Mercy that gives me hope and which …

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Catholic Vitamin B: Body Blog Page

A former non-Catholic, a mixed marriage, a pharmacist… so where in the world does A BODY IN PRAYER come from? That’s what this Catholic Vitamin B for BODY features — an interview with a first-time author Neil Combs from New …

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Catholic Vitamin A: Awaken Blog Post

Our guest on this Catholic Vitamins Podcast is Steve Dawson. He’s the co-founder and National Director of the ST. PAUL STREET EVANGELIZATION program. At you will hear in the interview – Steve was a classic image of a teen headed …

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Catholic Vitamin Z: Zesty Blog Page

We open this week’s show with a prayer by the Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix, His Excellency Thomas J. Olmsted. We listened (and I said hi) to Bishop as he helped to kick off the Phoenix RALLY FOR

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Catholic Vitamin Y: Yaw Blog Page

As we have said several times before — we do a fair amount of research to put our Catholic Vitamins podcast (and it’s themes or ‘vitamins’ ) together. We hope you find it interesting, varied and often challenging. 

During a …

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Catholic Vitamin W: Welcome Blog Page

We spend quite a number of hours doing research for Catholic Vitamins each week. And it is interested to us how God gives us opportunities through people and circumstances and referrals. A friend, Candy Bridges calls the results of many …

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